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The Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) Report has been introduced by the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN), in response to the enactment of the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). It’s not just about compliance; it’s a pivotal step towards enhancing financial governance and integrity.

Under the CTA, businesses established before 2024 that meet specific criteria rise to the status of reporting companies. These entities bear the responsibility of filing Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) reports by January 1, 2025. Moreover, businesses founded in 2024 are granted a 90-day grace period from their formation date, coinciding with their registration with the Secretary of State, to submit the BOI report.

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    • Unlike the BOI filing site from FinCEN, you can start entering your information, save it and return to our platform at your convenience to effortlessly complete your filing details.
  2. Cross-Company Data Sharing
    • Your data isn’t confined to a single company; it’s accessible across multiple entities. This not only enhances efficiency by reducing data entry and identification uploading but also significantly reduces the risk of rejections by FinCEN.
  3. Data Validation Assurance
    • Our rigorous data validation processes guarantee that your entries are accurate and complete, ensuring a seamless filing experience with FinCEN.
  4. Document Compliance Check
    • We meticulously review your documents to ensure they align perfectly with FinCEN’s stringent criteria, leaving no room for errors or complications.
  5. Proactive Document Monitoring
    • Say goodbye to the hassle of manual document tracking. CorpBOI keeps a watchful eye on your filings and promptly alerts you whenever an ID is expiring, keeping you ahead of the curve.
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