Manage Your Team, Cleints, and Prospects
Through the QuickLync Suite

Product Suite

VOIP Phone System

Whether you are in an office building or your team works remotely you can seamlessly stay connected while giving great service.

Predictive Dialer

Having your sales team on our Predictive Dialer will increase your sales immediately.  No more non answered calls for your sales team. 

Video Conferencing

Our world has changed and communicating with your team or clients video conferencing is the future.


Doing Webinars for your team or clients has never been easier. Allow who you want in the webinar or allow all.


Keeping your team or the world up to date on what you are doing could not be eaiser than through a PodCast.


Have your planning, sales or client meetings online just like you were in the conference room.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Keep Client Notes | Email Clients | SMS Clients | Track Follow-up Dates & Times | Invoice Clients | Create Support Tickets | Call Clients with one click | Import Leads | Export Leads | Assign Clients

Simple at your fingertip dashboard. See your follow up calls, Support Tickets, Invoices and their status.


Click on the Client / Prospect to see or make notes.  Click on the telephone number to make a call. 

Client Grid

Simple invoice creating, receive credit card payments and the customer will be auto emailed.

Invoicing & Payments

Create a Support ticket and assign to the proper support team. The client is notified of the progress.

Support Tickets

You can create and send both email and SMS from the templates you create in the software.

Email & SMS

The CRM software can be customized to your specific industry or used just as it is.  We do not charge by the seat/user our fees are flat based on the disk space used.  Our average fee per year is $699.99 for unlimited users.  For Email, SMS and Payment Gateways you will be able to use one of ours or bring your own. The SMS provider will charge an additional fee as will the Credit card processor you choose.  These are all optional and in most cases you may already be paying for these services.

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Look at our CRM, you will be impressed and you cannot deny the savings!
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“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used QuickLync I had to juggle all my various meetings and meeting places in my mind throughout the day. QuickLync helped me get more organized, make all my meetings and now I simply get more done. Thank you QuickLync”

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