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Our tried & tested business model

2 ReSeller Plans


License Fee
$ 1099 Annually


No License Fee
$ 4500 Annually

TaxLync Plan

Plan information

It's in the Details

  • Unlimited Software License
  • Reseller/Service Bureau Control Center Portal
  • Re-Brand with your Logo
  • Integrated Customer Chat with Re-Seller side for providing Support for your customers
  • Integrated Customer Screen Share with Re-Seller side for providing Support for your customers
  • Free Software Technical Support for the Re-Seller.  Re-Seller must support their own customers 
  • Single or Multi-Year Contracts
  • CRM Software Single User
  • Sales Training (Selling to the Tax Industry like a Pro)
  • Technology Fee 100% to you the Reseller
  • Transmission Fee 100% to you the Reseller
  • Service Bureau Fee 100% to you the Reseller
  • Up to a $9,000 Refund Advance*
  • Client Organizer Mobile App
  • ReSeller Portal
  • Client Portal for your Customers

*Amount is subject to change by banking institution

$1099.99 Plan

  • Tax Software Cost to you per License Fee $259.99
  • TaxLync Software Fee $29.95 only on Bank Product’s 
  • Service Bureau Fee up to $99 paid to Reseller
  • Addon Fee $20 paid entirely to the Reseller
  • Audit Protection Fee $49.99 your Client gets $15 you get $15

Our Banking Partners

Included: nLync Customer Realationship Management Software (CRM)

You will be able to maintain your Prospects, Customers as well as any sales people you may hire.  You can restrict the Prospect Management Software to certian ip addresses to only allow access to your client base where you want it. You will be able to invoice your clients, make tickets, monitor follow up calls and send emails.  If you choose to subscribe to one of our SMS providers you will also be able to text right from the Prospect Management Software.

Guaranteed Approval Financing Available

Our Smart payment plan allows you spend your money on marketing to grow your business while making small monthly payments.

Down Payment of $1,000.00 gets you started today.

Our Services

The greatest asset we can transfer to you is the knowledge we have of growing your professional tax software reseller business using our experience growing from 1 tax preparation office to over 6,000 in just 5 years! Unlike our competitors developing professional tax software that already have their select resellers they cater to; you will always be of highest priority at TaxLync!

Professional Tax Software

By offering a variety of products in addition to the Tax Software is key for the folks wanting to work year around or taking their client experience to another level. 

We have services you make money on and we do all the work.

Branding and Marketing for Success

Creating a Brand is a KEY factor in any successful business. Build a brand that you believe in.

You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it you will not be successful.

Tools Needed for Success

Whether you are working from a high rise office building or off your kitchen table you will still needs the tools to run your business. 

Things like CRM Software, Phone System, backend support tools are all key to success.

We will supply you with not only the fastest and easiest professional tax software that we develop in the US but the items needed to grow your existing business or your brand-new professional tax software reseller business to the heights we have already achieved.

With our experience we know how difficult it is to get leads, keep the leads organized and maintain the leads that are generated. That’s why we developed not only the tax software for the tax preparers we have developed our own CRM (customer relations management) software just for the reseller in mind. None of our competitors that develop professional tax software offer this you are just on your own.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the items you need to be a success as a reseller and we bundle it all up so you are the success you want to be and if you are a current professional tax software reseller ask your software developer if they furnish: Leads, CRM, Sales training from experienced resellers.  

TaxLync Professional Tax Software Demo Download