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The tax resolution industry is growing fast and if you are not participating you are doing yourself a dis-service along with your clients.  First off there are some really good companies working in this industry but as in all industries there are a fair share of them that use the fear your clients may have of the IRS debt collectors to drain every penny they can get from your clients.  This is where you can be the tax professional that looks after your current clients and future clients. We look at each case and use the experience of our CPA’s and EA’s to give each client a flat rate cost so your clients are not surprised by getting a bill after thinking they had paid for the service.

As Tax Professionals like yourself you want to give your client the quality of service you would expect yourself and we feel the same.  Thats why you can count us to take care of your client in the uptmost professionalism as if you were doing the work yourself.  We will keep you in the loop from start to finish so if your client calls you then you have no problem talking to them about their case in the highest professional matter.  We will add value to your Professional Tax Practice not only as a professional tax preparer but as a full service practice your clients will know they can trust.

Tailor-Made Taxpayer Representation

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Dealing with the IRS can be most intimidating for Taxpayers. Don’t face the uncertainty without an advocate by your side.

We will assign an IRS Enrolled Agent to defend your Taxpayer Rights. With our team of Enrolled Agents, CPAs, and Tax Attorneys, you will be in the best hands to have your tax issue resolved. Regain your peace of mind by completing the simple form below.

We work with all tax issues

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Payroll
  • Estate
  • Levies
  • Liens
  • Garnishments
  • Unfiled Back Taxes
  • Tax Preparer Representation
  • EFIN Reinstatement Assistance

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