The Virtual Professional Tax Office

The Change

The Future of the Tax Industry has Arrived

Changing of the Big Tax Franchise Business Model

Covid-19 has changed the entire world. Large companies have their employees working from home.  The Board Room meetings are now done through Video

Conference Meetings.  

With people getting accustomed to Video Conferencing,

working from home, even family gatherings are done through Video Conferences it is the perfect time for people to accept getting their taxes done by a Tax Professional without going to a Store Front. 

  • Available Appointment Calendar Scheduler
  • Complete the Client APP it Auto Syncs to the Tax Software
  • Access the Client Portal to download Tax Return PDF’s
  • Review and Sign Documents
  • Join the Video Conference Meeting with Secure Code
  • Transfer Docs through the Video Conference Software
  • Video Conference Meeting can be Recorded
  • No Brick and Mortar Location Required
  • Video Conference Client Meeting
  • Scheduler for your Client Meeting
  • Remote Signature
  • Client App
  • Client Portal
  • Tax Preparation Software
  • Bank Products
  • Audit Protection
Video Conferencing

Steps for your Clients

The steps are done from where ever your Clients feels like doing them.  Plus they can do the steps for any device; Phone, Tablet or Computer. 

The Customer Experience

  • Set the Video Conference Appointment Meeting
  • Complete the Client APP that syncs with the Tax Software
  • Have the Video Conference with the Professional Tax Preparer
  • Receive a PDF copy of the e-Filed Tax Return

Be a Part of the Change

History Lesson

The Video Movie Rental Store was replaced by a Red Box, but the Red Box is now replaced by online Video Streaming.

Don’t be left in the Dust!

Go Virtual

The Market we are targeting is the person that wants their taxes prepared by you, “The Professional Tax Preparer”.

Years ago, before I became the tax preparer, I would go to one of the Tax Franchise offices. I would sit and wait sometimes for an hour or more just to pay them to file my taxes. I can also
remember waiting in the cold outside just to get in to wait that hour or more. I never even thought someday there would be a way to stay home and get my taxes prepared through something
called the internet.

Now folks have gotten accustomed to Video Conferencing with the company there for, their customers, kids and parents as it has become the norm.  Which has created the need for you the
Tax Professional to move with this new trend, that’s why we want to offer you the ability to offer this to your current clients and new clients that here about your new no contact
Professional Virtual Tax Office.

Below is what a your website would look like to give you a visual idea of how this works, so allow you creative mind to go!

Get up to *$6,000.00 Cash NOW!

Jan. 2nd, 2021 *Refund Cash Advance up to $9,000.00

Getting your taxes done by a Professional


$ 199
99 Total
  • Fee taken out of Refund
  • Federal and up to 2 States
  • up to 4 W2's
  • 1 1099R
  • Free E-File
  • Optional Cash Advance Additional Fee


$ 259
99 Total
  • Fee taken out of Tax Refund
  • Federal and up to 2 States
  • up to 4 W2's
  • up to 2 1099R's
  • up to 2 Schedule C's
  • Free E-File
  • Optional Cash Advance Additional Fee


$ 299
99 Total
  • Fee taken out of Refund
  • Federal and up to 2 States
  • up to 4 W2's
  • up to 2 1099R's
  • up to 2 Schedule C's
  • Audit Protection
  • Free E-File
  • Optional Cash Advance Additional Fee

3 Easy Steps and We do the Rest

If you need a Spanish Speaking Professional Tax Preparer no problem just ask.

Step One

Step Two

Step Three