The Change

Changing of the Big Tax Franchise Business Model

The Future of the Tax Industry has Arrived

Covid-19 has changed the entire world. Large companies have their employees working from home.  The Board Room meetings are now done through Video Conference Meetings.  

With people getting accustomed to Video Conferencing, working from home, even family gatherings are done through Video Conferences it is the perfect time for people to accept getting their taxes done by a Tax Professional without going to a Store Front. 

With our service you get both options below, you can use both or just one.

Connect through Video Conference 
with your current Clients

If you looking to give your current clients an alternative to coming into your Tax Office Nlync Connections is the solution you need.  

You can keep the same tax office model you have and just use Nlync Connections for the clients that want to get their taxes done by you virtually.  

History tells us things change, just think most young adults never had their fuel pump for them, Red Box has gotten replaced by Video Streaming. 

Virtual Professional Tax Office Tax
Drive New Customers to You
  • No Brick-and-Mortar Location Required
  • Video Conference Client Meeting
  • Scheduler for your Client Meeting
  • Remote Signature
  • Client App
  • Client Portal
  • Tax Preparation Software
  • Bank Products
  • Audit Protection
This is the opportunity to save your clients from the Do It Yourself and Big Franchise Tax Companies.